Whoah. is this web site. A place to document my various projects. I do this mostly just for fun and education.

I started with the knowledge of installing apache, exposing port 80 and some very basic HTML skills.

Now I have a modular set of web apps served at different subdomains and all encrypted with SSL.

To further develop said HTML skills and additionally learn CSS, I made my way through HTML & CSS by Jon Duckett.

Initially I used a small amount of javascript for the sole purpose of duplicating a common header across multiple pages. I since learned that the same functionality is super easy with PHP so no longer uses any javascript.

Containerisation of this site and various subdomains has been implemented with docker and docker-compose. I wish I discovered Docker sooner! It makes backing-up very straightforward. It also allows me to tear it all down then pull it all back up on a different machine in a flash. This part is made even easier thanks to ansible automation and the playbooks/roles I made for deployment, configuration and maintenance of these containers (see project clewsy_ansible).

The docker-compose.yml file pulls the following container images:

The logo for also intended to be a learning exercise - this time in vector graphics editing - specifically Inkscape.

I've been doodling the Penrose triangle since I discovered it in primary school, so it served as a geometric starting point. I exploded it into the three identical but rotated parts and rearranged them to differ from the original. I felt the result was a bit too angular/aggressive, so I put the whole thing into a circle. I clearly lack the designer gene but it serves the purpose.

I don't know what I'm doing.