Project Thumbnail Summary Updated Links Tags Meta. 2021-06-05 HTML, CSS, PHP, Self-Host, Apache, Nginx, Debian, Ubuntu, Docker, Docker-Compose, Let's Encrypt, Certbot, BitWarden, Vaultwarden, NextCloud, Collabora, AirSonic, Calibre, MariaDB, Inkscape, Javascript, Systemd, Ansible, Watchtower
gps_clock GPS-synchronised clock that displays time in UNIX Epoch or ISO-8601 format. 2020-08-29 Clock, GPS, ISO-8601, epoch, UNIX Time, 7-seg, led, MAX-7219, AVR, Atmel, ATmega328p, ds3234, RTC, C, KiCAD, Wood
grinder_timer Programmable timer to control a dumb coffee grinder. 2020-04-30 Coffee, Timer, OLED, SSD1306, AVR, Atmel, ATmega328p, Microcontroller, C, KiCAD, PCB Etching, Rancilio Rocky
grinder_timer_rev2 An upgrade to the original grinder_timer. 2021-03-02 Coffee, Timer, OLED, SH1106, AVR, ATmega328pb, Microcontroller, Mains Switch Relay, C++, KiCAD, PCB Fabrication, JLCPCB, Rancilio Rocky, PWM, 32.738kHz, PlatformIO
jank A backlit usb numerical keypad to keep my laptop company. Includes four macro keys. 2021-06-09 AVR, ATmega32U4, Microcontroller, USB, HID, Keyboard, Macro, Key Matrix, Gateron, Cherry MX, mechanical, MP3202, LED Driver, PWM
led_matrix LED matrix that has a clock mode and a text mode. My first microcontroller project. 2021-02-28 AVR, ATmega8535, Microcontroller, LED, Matrix, Multiplexing, 74HC138
macr0 4-button USB input device. 2021-03-29 AVR, ATmega32U4, Microcontroller, USB, HID, Keyboard, Macro, Media Controller, Key Matrix, Gateron, Cherry MX, CAT4104, LED Driver, PWM
media_center Home media center running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi in a wood and aluminium enclosure. 2020-12-10 Raspberry Pi 3, OSMC, kodi, Wood
ncbu Docker container image to simplify and automate backup of a self-hosted nextcloud service. 2021-03-29 Docker, Docker-Compose, DockerHub, Dockerfile, Nextcloud, Self-Host, Container, rsync, bash, shell script, MariaDB, MySQL, Cron
p0wer Simple rf mains remote switches hacked to add wifi control. 2021-02-21 Raspberry Pi Zero W, Raspbian, WiFi, 4066 CMOS Quad Bilateral Switch, 70HC4066, wiringpi, pigpio, Termux, C, PHP, cURL, Automation, KiCAD, Reverse Engineer, Ansible
rad10 An internet radio on a raspberry pi with a simple hardware control daemon (and WebUI). 2021-06-07 Quadrature Encoder, Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, Ubuntu, mpd, mpc, libmpdclient, wiringpi, pigpio, C, Daemon, systemd, Apache, PHP, HTML, CSS, Ansible, Wood
scripts Various bash shell scripts. 2020-01-10 Bash, Shell, Script, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian, Termux, echo, rsync, curl, apt-get, ssh, openvpn, ping, grep, lscpu, lspci, lsblk, df, uname, lsb_release, route, netstat, nmcli, ifconfig, ip, iw, iwgetid, command, printf
temp0 Temperature and humidity monitor with WiFi and local readout. 2021-02-21 Arduino, Pro-Trinket, Adafruit, HackADay, ESP8266, ESP-01, HDC1080, SSD1306, OLED, PlatformIO, C++, HTML, cURL, Serial, I2C
volcon HID compliant USB volume controller. 2021-02-21 AVR, Atmel, AT90usb162, ATmega32U4, C, Eagle, USB, Type-B, Type-C, HID, LUFA, Quadrature Encoder, Gray Code, VCR, VHS, Wood, KiCad
WiSHABI WIreless Single-Handed Accelerometer-Based Interface. (Under-Grad thesis project). 2021-02-14 AVR, Atmel, ATmega8, 433.92MHz, Wireless, USB, HID, C, Keyboard, Mouse, Accelerometer, ADXL330, University, Engineering
Wood Stuff made from wood. 2021-06-03 Wood, Timber, Lumber, Cellulose, Former Tree, Hard Paper, Pre-Cardboard
clewsy_ansible Using Ansible to automate deplolyment, configuration and maintenance of the machines/devices on my home network. 2021-01-12 alias, android, Ansible, Apache, apt, bash, Beaglebone Black, chmod, chown, cifs, Conky, cron, cups curl, Debian, Docker, docker-compose, fstab, git, GitLab, Gnome, Guake, Home Assistant, htop, iftop, iperf3, LineageOS, Linux, lm-sensors, logrotate, midnight commander, motd, motion, mount, mpc, mpd, ncdu, ncmpc, netdiscover, nfs, nmap, OpenMediaVault, OpenVPN, OSMC, php, pigpio, pip Pop_OS!, python, qbittorrent, Raspbian, Raspberry Pi, rsync, scripts, snap, ssh, sudo, systemd, Terminator, Termux, tmux, Ubuntu, ufw, Vim, VPS, VSCode, Watchtower, Wireguard, so much yaml
Contributions Pull requests merged into other people's projects. I <3 open source. 2021-03-03 Docker, dockerfile, git, GitHub, Home Assistant, motion, motioneye, Pull Request