Project Thumbnail Summary Updated Links Tags Meta. 2023-10-24 HTML, CSS, PHP, Self-Host, Apache, Nginx, Debian, Ubuntu, Docker, Docker-Compose, Let's Encrypt, Certbot, BitWarden, Vaultwarden, NextCloud, Collabora, AirSonic, Navidrome, Calibre, MariaDB, Inkscape, Javascript, Systemd, Ansible, Watchtower
gps_clock GPS-synchronised clock that displays time in UNIX Epoch or ISO-8601 format. 2021-10-29 Clock, GPS, NMEA, ISO-8601, epoch, UNIX Time, 7-seg, led, MAX-7219, AVR, Atmel, ATmega328p, ds3234, RTC, C, KiCAD, Wood, Year 2038 problem
grinder_timer Programmable timer to control a dumb coffee grinder. 2021-10-29 Coffee, Timer, OLED, SSD1306, AVR, Atmel, ATmega328p, Microcontroller, C, KiCAD, PCB Etching, Rancilio Rocky
grinder_timer_rev2 An upgrade to the original grinder_timer. 2021-10-29 Coffee, Timer, OLED, SH1106, AVR, ATmega328pb, Microcontroller, Mains Switch Relay, C++, KiCAD, PCB Fabrication, JLCPCB, Rancilio Rocky, PWM, 32.738kHz, PlatformIO
jank A backlit usb numerical keypad to keep my laptop company. Includes four macro keys. 2021-10-29 AVR, ATmega32U4, Microcontroller, USB, HID, Keyboard, Macro, Key Matrix, Gateron, Cherry MX, mechanical, MP3202, LED Driver, PWM
led_matrix LED matrix that has a clock mode and a text mode. My first microcontroller project. 2021-10-29 AVR, ATmega8535, Microcontroller, LED, Matrix, Multiplexing, 74HC138
macr0 4-button USB input device. 2021-10-29 AVR, ATmega32U4, Microcontroller, USB, HID, Keyboard, Macro, Media Controller, Key Matrix, Gateron, Cherry MX, CAT4104, LED Driver, Transistor, PWM
media_center Home media center running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi in a wood and aluminium enclosure. 2020-10-29 Raspberry Pi 3, OSMC, kodi, Wood
ncbu Docker container image to simplify and automate backup of a self-hosted nextcloud service. 2021-10-29 Docker, Docker-Compose, DockerHub, Dockerfile, Nextcloud, Self-Host, Container, rsync, bash, shell script, MariaDB, MySQL, Cron, logrotate, tee
p0wer Simple rf mains remote switches hacked to add wifi control. 2021-10-29 Raspberry Pi Zero W, Raspbian, Raspberry Pi OS, WiFi, 4066 CMOS Quad Bilateral Switch, 70HC4066, wiringpi, pigpio, Termux, C, HTML, CSS, PHP, Apache, curl, Automation, KiCAD, Reverse Engineer, Ansible
rad10 An internet radio on a raspberry pi with a simple hardware control daemon (and WebUI). 2021-10-29 Quadrature Encoder, Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, Ubuntu, mpd, mpc, libmpdclient, wiringpi, pigpio, C, Daemon, systemd, Apache, PHP, HTML, CSS, Ansible, Wood
scripts Various bash shell scripts. 2023-08-25 Bash, Shell, Script, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian, Termux, echo, rsync, curl, apt-get, ssh, openvpn, ping, grep, lscpu, lspci, lsblk, df, uname, lsb_release, route, netstat, nmcli, ifconfig, ip, iw, iwgetid, command, printf,,
temp0 Temperature and humidity monitor with WiFi and local readout. 2021-10-29 Arduino, Pro-Trinket, Adafruit, HackADay, ESP8266, ESP-01, HDC1080, SSD1306, OLED, PlatformIO, C++, HTML, cURL, Serial, I2C
volcon HID compliant USB volume controller from a VCR head drum and an optical encoder. 2021-10-29 AVR, Atmel, AT90usb162, ATmega32U4, C, Eagle, USB, Type-B, Type-C, HID, LUFA, Quadrature Encoder, Gray Code, VCR, VHS, Wood, KiCad
wiggl3r Occasionaly wiggle the mouse cursor so your PC doesn't automatically lock. 2023-08-01 Arduino, Leonardo, AVR, Atmel, ATmega32U4, USB, HID, C, Mouse, PlatformIO
WiSHABI WIreless Single-Handed Accelerometer-Based Interface. (Under-Grad thesis project). 2021-10-29 AVR, Atmel, ATmega8, 433.92MHz, Wireless, USB, HID, C, Keyboard, Mouse, Accelerometer, ADXL330, University, Engineering
Wood Stuff made from wood. 2023-10-24 Wood, Timber, Lumber, Cellulose, Former Tree, Hard Paper, Pre-Cardboard
clewsy_ansible Using Ansible to automate deployment, configuration and maintenance of the machines/devices on my home network. 2021-10-29 alias, android, Ansible, Apache, apt, bash, Beaglebone Black, chmod, chown, cifs, Conky, cron, cups curl, Debian, Docker, docker-compose, fstab, git, GitLab, Gnome, Guake, Home Assistant, htop, iftop, iperf3, LineageOS, Linux, lm-sensors, logrotate, midnight commander, motd, motion, motioneye, mount, mpc, mpd, Nautilus, ncdu, ncmpc, netdiscover, nfs, nmap, OMV, OpenMediaVault, OpenVPN, OSMC, php, pigpio, pip, Pop_OS!, python, qbittorrent, Raspbian, Raspberry Pi, rsync, scripts, snap, Sonata, ssh, sshd, sudo, systemd, Terminator, Termux, tmux, Ubuntu, ufw, Vim, VLC, vpn, VPS, VSCode, Watchtower, Wireguard, so much yaml A site for experimenting. 2021-06-24 HTML, CSS, PHP, Self-Host, Docker, Nginx, Inkscape, SVG Another site, this one for non-critical but useful services. Currently not in use. 2023-08-25 HTML, CSS, Ansible, Self-Host, Docker, Inkscape, SVG, SWAG, Authelia Yet another site, this one for sharing photos and videos. 2021-10-29 HTML, CSS, Self-Host, Docker, Nginx, Inkscape, SVG, Jornal
Contributions Pull requests merged into other people's projects. I <3 open source. 2021-10-29 Docker, dockerfile, git, GitHub, Home Assistant, motion, motioneye, Pull Request