Shiny. is another site I created, though unlike this site, it doesn't serve much purpose.

The .dev top-level domain was advertised at a discount, so I picked up I didn't really have a purpose in mind at the time, so I just set it up with a link to

I have since used it to do some minor experimenting with CSS, HTML, PHP and Inkscape.

Some simple PHP scripting randomizes the "clewsy" title which is actually a .png image of the "clewsy" text using various fonts.

The background image was inspired by similar "outrun" style images. I used the site logo I previously developed as the sun, and I created the rest of the image vectors in Inkscape.

A single text link on the page will just take you to

The site is hosted on the same server as using a containerised implementation of Nginx. More info about this deployment can be seen on the project page.

I don't know what I'm doing.